April 05, 2018

Updated Pre-Vis #4

These are shots from Monday when I animated camera movements and other elements to make it flow better. I have still been working on the animation and need to make the jellyfish's tentacles move when it moves across the water, but thats a simple step as I already have a setting for the rig to do that. I also need to finish the crabs animation and focus on the emotion of the two characters more. I have figured a way to animate the lighting so that I can make it go from day to night in the same shot to keep it flowing, but to add in the mesh lights I will have to composite two shots together to get the same effect. In the last scene I still have a lot of camera work to do, and animation so I will focus on that next, as well as the first scene in which the camera pans down from the water, which I will be going into uni to get help with tomorrow.

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