March 14, 2018


Here are shots of some pieces of really roughly blocked out animation that I have been using to animate,  it still needs to be cut down in time and animated properly, these are just rough things put together to help me reference and see where to go next while I have been animating. There are scenes missing and as I compare this pre vis to my current animation and shots, I have made scenes look different as some of these are boring and take a little while, and aren't telling a story too much. A lot of the elements in this pre vis and placeholders, for example the fish and the matte painting in the beginning. I'm not too happy with the look of the things in the playblasts yet, simply because it doesn't translate what the render actually looks like, due to the basic lighting bleaching everything out, but from actual renders I really like how the animation looks, as it brings everything in the viewport to life.

Here are early tests of me trying to figure out how the tentacles would move for just a basic casual floating action. I ended up with one I really liked, and this in small shots would work, along with the tentacles moving separately in other shots.

These are tests which I thought I would include on my blog, even though I am not going to end up using this technique. I tried making more realistic shaped bubbles following a tutorial, but didn't end up liking how they looked. I am going to keep my bubbles simple and round instead, and focus on making them stylised.
At the moment I'm really working hard on animating, and will post more final animations soon.

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