March 15, 2018


Testing out effects on After Effects

Here are some shots of figuring out how to animate the tentacles separately. I played about with all of the Nhair settings which I built into the rig, and figured that attracting the tentacle to the base curve at the end would give the best result, as well as increasing the stretch resistance, as otherwise the the tentacle falls away from the curve and goes floppy. I also figured out that I could animate the Hair settings, which is what I have been doing to get different effects in the same scene.

These are some shots of trying to figure out how the crab legs look best, and also how to shell moves in accordance. 


  1. Hey Becky - just a few passing observations: I think you need to embrace more exaggeration and strong posing in terms of your characters - for example, when the jellyfish touches the shell, her surprise at it not stinging the crab needs to be big and very clearly readable - it's a challenge I know - posing a multi-limbed jellyfish - but strong key frame poses are going to be important regardless - otherwise your audience may not completely be able to identify with your characters or know what they're thinking. The same is true of your crab - so when he's upset, you'll need to really 'slump him' in animation terms - a big readable emotion expressed through the body language. My advice would be to block out these big readable poses so you've got an emotional through-line all sorted out and clear to you and us. My other observation re. your crab walk-cycle is simply that right now he doesn't look as if he's using the floor to propel himself along - i.e. there's no sense of traction yet - he looks like he's scuttling across a hard sheet of glass, as opposed to his feet sort of digging in and pulling forwards. I think there's room for a bit more nuance there.

    1. Thanks Phil, I realised that looking back at it! While I was animating I thought it was more exaggerated than it actually was. Will do :) I'm figuring that one out too, I will post more updates on that soon!