February 17, 2018



  1. It's like a picture book! I do have a question though - is it possible to look again at the 'texturing' of your bubbles - or your approach to creating them? They're lovely and obviously bubbles - but they're also 'actual bubbles' in a way that is different to the stones and the weed and the characters; everything else in your world looks like it's made from your concept art - so 'not realistic'. Your bubbles are 'very realistic' in so much as they look just like bubbles and for me, they almost break with the rules of your world. They're not horrible at all - but they are different - is it the shine - maybe it is? Can you explore alternate ways to create them that somehow seem more 'drawn' than 'real' as they relate to everything else? This is subtle feedback and I hope I'm making some kind if sense. I suppose - put more simply, everything else in your world feeds as if 'Becky Stapley made it' whereas those bubbles feel as if Maya made them... Am I making sense? You'll have to let me know!

    1. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean, these bubbles were just created with a one-click preset which took no time at all. I'll post some more as I look into it! :)