November 23, 2017



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  1. only me... just dropping by to formalise a bit of the interim feedback on here re. the relationship between the 'glow reveal' of the jelly fish and the hermit crab. As suggested, the 'repeat sections' you haven't quite figured out yet hold the key to this bit of storytelling and I'm just going to bung a few ideas down here in terms of this missing link.

    So... the principle is that the glowing of the jellyfish is a more proactive part of how the hermit crab and the jellyfish forge their friendship. It seems there is a theme in your story about 'invisibility' - so the Jellyfish, who is very nearly translucent, has learned to be a sort of 'wallflower' because she can't make friends. The hermit crab only comes out at night because he is painfully shy - therefore he's invisible too in his own way and has learned to go unnoticed. I wonder if we could be shown your jellyfish losing more of her colour as a response to her inability to connect - so we see her become more invisible during the course of the film as reflection of her sort of giving up hope and thinking of herself as being this see-through, unremarkable friendless little thing.

    We likewise need a similar visual communication of the hermit crab 'giving up' or getting more despondent and this might mean that we need to think again about the characterisation of your hermit crab; so he's a 'hermit crab' that wants to 'not' be a hermit crab, so what we see at the beginning is him trying to make friends with a cluster of other hermit crabs, who pick up their shells and shuffle off without him. It also occurred to me that a way of conveying your hermit crab's difference to the other crabs is that he has a light-source on his shell (a glowing fish or similar?) so he doesn't want to live in the dark - so he's got this light source somehow, and we see him trying to make friends, and he's rejected... so what we see is this cheerful, sociable 'hermit' crab being rejected and so what we see him do is 'hide his light' and choose to live in the darkness by himself...

    So - put more simply: Jellyfish starts colourfully, but each time she's rejected on account of her sting, we see her lose her colour until she's basically invisible. Nocturnal hermit crab starts socially (signified by his 'illuminated, welcoming house') who is repeatedly rejected by the grumpy hermit crabs, and who decides to 'turn off the lights' and 'become invisible'.

    Both these characters then end up in the same empty bit of the rock pool - away from everyone else. They share the screen - unaware of each other - then, solar eclipse happens, and we see the Jellyfish glow beautifully, which 'awakens' the hermit crab, who is delighted to see the light, and then they discover they can be friends etc.

    Sorry if that's a lot of words to explain a simple thing!