October 20, 2017


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  1. Hey Becky :)

    Well done for getting this up. Sorry I've got to it later than is ideal - I've watch it a few times however and I've got some initial impressions.

    In general terms, your story reads - which is good! :)

    1) My instincts is we need an establishing shot of the rock pool - something that begins 'outside' the environment - especially as external factors (i.e. the sun) play such a role. My instinct would be to begin with a shot of the sun in the sky and then track down to the rock pool and the 'plop' - we're in the environment. Obviously, this 'establishing shot' can be a camera tracking over a drawing or matte painting or more illustrative element, not a full blown set.

    2) I think you need to make a decision right now to break from this 'static camera' approach you've established with this animatic and really think about some dynamic camera shots and a greater range of coverage. Really, i think the 'static camera' theatre stage feel you've got here is more a result of you getting this first animatic produced and thinking about economising on terms of amount of drawings - I don't blame you at all - but I think now is the time to really investigate your film in terms of camera movement and thinking more 'directorially' about telling this story. This might mean a different approach to drawing - so more loose and storyboarding with post-it notes to stop you getting too hung up - or if you think you might experience difficulty with 'drawing' camera moves - maybe a simple 3D previs to give you those angles etc and encourage you to think more 'in the action' as opposed to the camera sitting and watching the action - if that makes sense?