August 29, 2017

Early Idea Drawings

Here are some sketchbook/digital drawings I did based on the artist (Edmund Dulac) that was recommended to me by Phil.
Digitally coloured drawing
Interpretation of my above drawing by Thomas Smith
Original Sketchbook Drawing
Digital Colours

August 26, 2017



For my third year ideas so far, I have been focused on an underwater, mythical/whimsical setting,  and I would be interested to explore a myth such as Atlantis, or that of a lost city under the sea. If I would pursue this theme I would like to make an animation about the main character finding Atlantis or this lost city somehow. I am undecided on what creature I would have as a main character, whether it be a fish/sea creature, mermaid/mythical creature or a diver. as I do not know much about what I want the story to be, but I would like it to be an animation filled with many underwater creatures throughout, and have 'Atlantis' to be a very detailed, epic palace and city full of artefacts and things to explore. Within these underwater myths I could also explore some more stories about Poseidon and other Gods and stories of the sea.
Another idea I had is to adapt a poem, such as Herman Scheffauer's Atlantis from the 1800's. This way I could explore designing a world, characters and stories from this poem and be a little more abstract in terms of exploring the undersea world, and also have a structured narration throughout my animation.

Influence Map

Concept Art

Another early idea that I had was about exploring creatures in rock pools. This animation will be very whimsical and charming, and full of interesting scenery and creatures. My ideas for the story so far are not very developed and are very rough, but I would like it to be about a character (fish/ small cute sea creature) that gets washed up away from home into a rock pool, and eventually explores their surroundings and maybe meets new creatures (other species of fish, starfish, small turtles, maybe humans exploring the rockpool), and eventually ends up going back to the sea happier, more adventurous and maybe with new friends. The story is not very fleshed out yet but it is a simple basic structure I could work upon and change.
I like this idea because I am very fascinated with rock pools and sea creatures and would like to design a world in which I have so much interest, as I feel it would keep me interested in my project throughout year 3.

Influence Map
More ideas to come!