May 06, 2017

Film Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

Figure 1: Film Poster
Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) is a stop motion animation film from Laika studios, from the director Travis Knight. It is about a young boy Kubo, who has supernatural gifts, summons spirits from his past and goes on the run with a monkey and a beetle.
This film is very well made and beautiful, everything is incredibly detailed and the story is unique. I t is very colourful and quiet, it is peaceful but also very dark and touches on some more serious issues. Kubos’ aunts and the giant skeleton are villains and make for very extreme villains in a children’s film. The witches look like they are from a Japanese horror, and many other parts of this film are very dark in nature.
Figure 2: Film Still
“Bless Laika, really, for continuing to make films this singular, which reject any known formulae of children's animation and dive creatively each time into an uncharted cosmos. (Robe, 2016)”
As described by Robey, this is a children’s animation which does not comply with the normal rules for a popular children’s film. It is full of magic and creativity and is so different to other films in it’s genre.
"Laika Studios' independence is rare in feature-length animation today -- rather than topping a franchise, they seek emphasis on character, background, and the sharp wounding edge of a story.”(Busack, 2016)

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