March 01, 2017

Film Review: Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues (2008) is an animated film which is directed, written, animated and produced by nina Paley. This film is a mash up of stories, which all run alongside each other, one about Nina Paley’s life, an autobiographical story about heartbreak. The second story is the old story of Rama and Sita, and all of the troubles that Sita goes through in her life. The third is a narrative of the story of Rama and Sita, narrated by a group of people who humorously talk about how the old mythical story doesn’t quite add up and how unfair Rama is treated.
Each part of these sequences are animated differently and uniquely. Her own autobiographical story is very messy and fast, is is always moving and looks as if it has been scribbled down. It plays jazzy music over the top, and it is clear it is set in modern times, as there is a big influence of buildings, planes and technology. The colours in this story are dull and cold, and this story completley takes you out of the previous styory of Rama and Sita. 
Figure 1: Film Still
"Nina Paley's animated marvel mixes a personal tale of romantic woe with a fabulous, often hilarious, recounting of the Sanskrit epic fable The Ramayana." (Kennedy, 2009)
The second story of Rama and Sita is colourful and very graphical, extremely different to the previous. It is also a musical and has many songs which are old songs in history and they are worked in to fit the story of the animation.
Figure 2: Film Still
The third style is silhouette animations which look like ancient wall carvings. They are of people, and they slightly move, interact with each other and play out what each other are saying through silhouettes, collages and paintings. It is a good break from the musical numbers and stories of heartbreak that is the content of the rest of the film, as it is very funny and relaxing. However different these styles are, they all work together in collage and make a very successful and amusing film.
Figure 3: Film Still

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