March 17, 2017

Film Review: Persepolis

Persepolis, 2007, is an animated film directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud. It is a coming of age film, a film about Satrapi’s life and experiences in a pre and post-revolutionary Iran.
The style of Persepolis is very distinct, and unusual for the autobiographical tone of the film. It is predominantly black and white, and looks very much like a graphic novel because of the stark black and white lines and contrast. Although unusual this theme ties into the films roots, as it was adapted from the comic book series by an artist Marjane Satrapi, who also co directed and co wrote the film.
Film Poster
The film has a very elegant and classic style, and is also very funny and also incredibly emotional. It starts off in a coloured world, but then transforms into a black and white story as we learn about the story of the characters past. It is very illustrative and uses a lot of collage, but at the same time retains a very simple and sharp look, for example their faces consist of only a few lines, and their actions. Most of the detail is in the backgrounds, where various pieces of collaged buildings, textures and materials are found and layered.
"It's striking how much emotion Satrapi is able to convey through these blocky drawings, which are simple but powerfully chosen." (LaSalle, 2008)

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