March 13, 2017

ADAPTATION B: Modelling Techniques #1

Clay Model of a sketch of Amata
I made this model out of NewPlast plasticine, as a simple and generic featureless base to test out different shapes and looks that I like, and also to model clothes and costumes on. I modelled it from an early sketch of a character that I created. As my outcome is going to be a 3D printed model with a piece of set I have started early on sculpting and experimenting with clay and other materials to see what different things I can achieve with it.
Body Sheet

I started out with a VERY simple wire armature, so I can achieve different poses and flexibility when I am trying out different costume designs and re-sculpting the character.

Simple wire armature
Air drying clay model
Fibre-like strands created from hot glue
I have also been experimenting with different materials and techniques to create environment pieces and costumes, for example clay flowers and foliage, paper, origami, hot glue and wire etc.
Petals and flowers, foliage

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