January 11, 2017

DOCUMENTARY- Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie


My Scientology film is a documentary film by Louis Theroux, documenting his journey to find out more about scientology.
Documentary films are meant to mimic real life, and they all have a degree of truth and realness associated with them. They are often filmed on handheld cameras, have a participating narrator and are self-aware.
Figure 1
Many of Louis Theroux’s documentaries would be under the ‘Reflexive Mode’ of the documentary genre. They celebrate the making of a documentary and are very aware of the making process and exposes it to us, as well as exposing the subject of the documentary. These style documentaries are reflexive in the way that they question themselves and the subject, they never reveal a single ‘truth’ but expose and question other peoples truths’.
Figure 2
It is filmed all on a handheld camera, which lends itself to the realness of the subject, and the vulnerable and questionable state of some of the people being filmed.


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