September 29, 2016

NARRATIVE: Story Brainstorms

Brainstorm Ideas
Our group decided to explore the story further by considering the mirror to be evil. Maybe the mirror is cursed or haunted by whoever created it, and whoever looked into it last. It will trap souls and trick whoever sees themselves in it and possesses their bodies, while their soul is trapped inside the mirror. The mirror would be found in a raided shrine, maybe completely ordinary or shabby looking, concealing it's power. Or it could be shiny and pristine to draw others near it. We looked at references such as The Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, the holy grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the outsider shrines from Dishonoured and Ursula's cave of souls in The Little Mermaid.
Maybe the character who comes across it will be tricked by the mirror, and will be promised his family back and his city saved, which had recently been destroyed by disease and the plague. The 'Man vs Self' struggle will be the internal struggle of does the character risk everything and believe the mirror for the chance to see his family and his home city again, or does he do what is safe and walk away and continue to live his life as a scavenger. But the character will be tricked and eventually be trapped inside the mirror with hundreds of other souls.

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