April 21, 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Final Titles- Feedback Appreciated!

I'm not sure whether to let the ink stop at the bottom of the title or at the bottom of the page, feedback would be appreciated!:)


  1. Been watching this on loop for the past 2 minutes and I think the top one is the best! :]

  2. Top one for me too, but can you add further subtlety to the way in which the falling begins to fade out? It's just a little bit clunky - it is, however, looking suitably creepy. Also - I don't know if this represents your intentions re. the actual title, but if so, it needs to stay on screen longer after all the ink has disappeared, and it should fade out as opposed to blip off the screen. Onwards! :)

  3. Top one looks awesome, I feel like the ink needs to have a slightly smoother motion though. It feels kind of jagged as it enters the screen.