April 12, 2016

@Jordan Art of Pages

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  1. Hi Becky...thanks for posting. Good to see things coming together and already some successful pages. A few things that you may want to address in the future.

    Firstly, your main title text feels a little dead. It doesn't quite capture that inky, analogue aesthetic you are after. I'd suggest spending sometime looking for more unique alternatives that are easier to read but still feel handmade.

    Secondly, I really like the spacing on those first few pages. It feels as though you are giving space to just digest the work. But this sacrifices the image itself. So, you could cut some of the stronger mosquito thumbnails out, and place them on their own page. You could even invert them, so that they sit as white line art on top of black pages. (Check out Bharathi's art of from a few years ago - https://www.scribd.com/doc/140579263/Num-Num-The-Making-Of) These sketches can take over multiple pages and instantly feel engaging. Don't hide all of that work away just because it doesn't look as lovely as the more finished sketches.

    Beyond this, I'd love to see more concept art of environment. There is lots to like about the mosquito, but this so far does little to explain the environmental aspect of your animation.

    And lastly, put some love into those orthographs. They look unwanted and unloved. The text is out of place and too large, the drawings themselves feel rushed and the page lacks any context. So, make sure you excite these up. Orthographs don't have to be boring technical pages. They can be combined with looser sketches or concept paintings, plus text and explanation. All in all, a good start, but remember to finesse and excite. You need to make your audience immediately engage with the work and I think that could be done in more exciting ways. It doesn't have to just be a tick box exercise of organising your work in order.