November 04, 2015

What If? Metropolis: Online Greenlight Review


  1. Great OGR! I really love your thumbnails :)

  2. OGR 05/11/2015

    Hi Becky,

    I enjoyed your travelogue very much - moody, cinematic - it put me in mind of the room of requirement, as depicted in the Harry Potter movies:

    Your big challenge is going to be to actually 'design' something; in your city, found objects are the lego bricks, but lego bricks build to make more than a mass of themselves - they still need a shape or rationale; your city isn't a city of 'heaps' or 'piles' - it is a city with buildings, and I think, to make your next phase easier, you need to get more an idea, not of the lego bricks, but of why they're brought together in the shapes that they are.

    What I thought as absolutely fascinating was the idea that your artist was seeking to transmit a sense of her national identity becoming fractured or splintered; might it not seem logical that, with Nevelson as your architect, the buildings themselves might seek to transmit some of that cultural heritage? If Nevelson regards herself as something of a cultural 'mongrel' (not quite Russian, not quite American), perhaps the buildings of Antiqua might reflect that too - so, in terms of the shapes all those found object lego bricks combine to create, maybe you could splice iconic Russian architecture with iconic American architecture, so fragments of this architectural profile...

    combined/spliced with:

    It feels like your important next step is to stop drawing assemblies of things, but deal instead with the design and shaping of the things all those things might make - and to ensure those shapes are also transmitting Nevelson's ideas of fragmentation and mash-ups. Personally, I think it would be fascinating to get a bit Nevelson yourself and work, not with line or drawing for this next stage, but actual collage; for example, take these iconic buildings that associate strongly with Russian and American cities, and literally cut them up and kit-bash them together into new forms to create new silhouettes; blend them together, but not in some super-neat way, but rather in keeping with Nevelson's own way of working. Don't worry at this stage about the whole 'everything is black' or indeed on all the lego bricks - find a way to start thinking about the actual design of your Nevelson-inspired architecture. I think you should get arty, 'collagy' and experimental! Let's see you try a different work-flow - I guarantee it will stir things up and push your work into different places! Onwards!