November 18, 2015

What If? Metropolis: Online Greenlight Review Part 2

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Becky,

    In terms of translating the qualities of your concept art into Maya, your challenge is to ensure that illustrative quality survives into the final model. It would be a shame if your digital set wasn't as theatrical and 'skeletal' as your line art. Your city feels like a 'ghost space' - fragile as it is complex, and I want you to work hard to keep this and give sufficient time to texturing and lighting.

    I like everything here - the blend of cultures, the sense that we're looking at a coral reef of forgotten objects - expect the final composition. It seems like we're left looking at a big open space, looking past/through these more interesting elements, with the focus of our attention pushed quite a long way back. I likewise think that using the matte painting to simply create a skycape is wasted opportunity, if part of the challenge is to create a sense of being 'in' a vast city.

    In terms of composition, I'd find a way - using Maya block out techniques? - to quickly identify some alternate compositions which feel more 'immersive' and make more dynamic use of foreground, midground and background - try and do away with that big flat area in the middle of the picture plane that contributes little to our sense of this city. I'd move away from this very centralised set-up (it's all very symmetrical, which is something we saw with your previous project) and think about using the rule of thirds more excitingly.

    Lovely qualities, a sad, melancholy city, an exciting challenge in terms of modelling, texturing and lighting - but not yet a killer composition that makes us feel as if we're wandering its streets. Go for something more immersive...