September 24, 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails #19-32

Digital thumbails #19-32


  1. some dreamy, fantastical thumbnails here, Rebecca...

  2. Ah you're getting a lot of atmosphere here good job! Pushing the lighting more with the contrast between light and dark, i.e really clear points where light is hitting and shadow is falling could also help with the mood. Definitely get some hard edges in with the overall soft look that you've got as well!

    Thinking about silhouettes will be beneficial right now with design language. The key is to make them easily readable - and it can apply to landscapes and even complete worlds let alone characters. For example, the silhouettes of the sculptures in thumbnails 20 + 27! The lines tell us what they are but the lighting may not. (That can be achieved with contrasting values of black and white!) I hope that makes sense, sorry if its a little confusing !!

    1. Thank you! Ah I understand what you mean, thanks for the advice!!:)

  3. your works really nice I like the sense of atmosphere in 29 and 25 it looks like a flash back or dream scape in a black and white movie there also very alluring