September 20, 2015

Invisible Cities #8-18

The next page in my sketchbook, more Invisible Cities thumbnails of Diomira. I like the descriptions of the September evenings and of the multicoloured lights.


  1. Hi! I'm not completely sure if Phil has told ya' about mentors and such; but I'll be trying to help you out here and there for the first term. NICE TO MEET YOU !

    .. so having said that, totally loving the way you're setting out these thumbnails; they're very pretty to look at. I thought I'd give you a headsup when making these thumbnails that considering concept alongside the already present composition & mood can help greatly in the later stages, though I can see you've started to do that! With a set of thumbnails on one city I think you'll tend to find a clearer idea of the city as a whole start to come out the more you draw; and so you can start to combine parts from other previous thumbnails of the city to create an overall -albeit rough- world!

    Can't wait to see more and if you have any questions totally ask me! :^)

    1. Hello, nice to meet you too!
      Thanks for the feedback!

      Okay I sure will ask if I have any questions, thank you! :)

  2. Ah these are very charming and the way in which you presented them is beautiful. Great job, keep them coming :)