May 14, 2018



Here is what I have been working on this week, from sound and animation to editing.
I hit a few problems at the beginning of the last week while animating faces in Adobe Animate, as the video changed the sequence timing so all of the faces were out of sync. I fixed it eventually and finished this, and to apply the whole sequence to my animation I colour keyed it and set it to 'hard light'. This is so that the faces were not too black and out of place on the video.
I also have been working with Jeffrey again and updated the sound. For the music and sound, the Jellyfish and Crab have two different sound themes, the jellyfish has woodwind sounds like clarinets and flutes, and the crab has sounds of glockenspiels and bells, to go with the nighttime setting. The music was designed so that when the two meet and share a scene, the woodwind elements combine with the twinkling of the bells and compliment each other, much like the Jellyfish and Crab.
Other elements of sound were the fish swimming around the pool, every time they are on screen they are accompanied by a layered wooden chiming noise.
Other effects I added to the animation were the electricity zaps from the jellyfish, as it was an important part of the story. This was easy to animate and I loved the way it looks, just using the lightning animator in After Effects.
After getting feedback on my final version of the animation, I had feedback to add other sound effects such as the electric noise of the jellyfish tentacles and also the water swishing as the jellyfish moves. This was easy to do and managed to finish it. 
Some more feedback that I got was to cover up a divide in the animation with a bubble transition, but instead I went back into Maya and rendered out some fish swimming past, so I added that over the top and put a CC camera blur on top.
I also added a camera wobble over the whole animation in After effects. This works really well and makes the animation more fluid and less static, and makes it seems as if the camera is floating about.
Adding university branding

May 10, 2018


Here's a sample of the almost finished music, composed by Jeffrey Wang
Below is the music with the voiceover on top by Bob Kingsley. Towards the end I need to turn down the volume of the music behind the voiceover.

May 02, 2018


At this point in my project I am well into editing, and am finding ways in after effects to enhance the animation.
I am also almost finished with music and am working on the end part with Jeffrey. I will upload an update with music shortly. Another element I have been working on is also animating faces, which has taken a little longer and my previously 2D animated faces do not work anymore as the renders made the sequences longer. I am halfway through them now, and even though they have taken a little longer they are still simple, so would only take one full day to complete.
I have been working with Bob Kingsley for my voiceover and am very happy with the way it's turned out, as I wasn't sure at first what kind of voice I wanted for my animation, but after working with Bob the voiceover has a grandfatherly type storytelling quality to it. I was inspired by the below video, the intro to The Princess Bride, as I wanted it to sound like an older person reading a story to a young audience. I was also inspired by the animation The Boy in the Bubble, as the voiceover style is the same storytelling/wisdom/magical vibe I was looking for.
In these screenshots below are the composited ocean tot he top of the scene. Before I was struggling to come up with a way to incorporate the surface of the water the to the scenes where they pan down and up, but I realised I was overthinking it. In the end I just created a plane and a directional light, and applied an ocean shader to it and changed the colours. I used the same camera as the one that pans down so that it changes perspective with the animation. I rendered this in Maya software which was very fast on my laptop, and then took it into after effects and colour keyed it so that they merged. There was a clear divide between the two so I kept tweaking the colours and applying masks and feathers, and as the Maya software renders were a little pixelated, added a camera blur to all the water scenes. This produced the effect below which I am happy with. It will only be on screen for less than a second so I am very happy with how it turned out.
Motion Blur and Depth of Field
In post production I always planned to introduce depth of field effects instead of in Maya to keep my render costs down. I have been masking and adding camera lens blurs when needed and it has been working very well. Another thing that is working well is the camera lens blur when the camera moves, it makes it a lot easier and smoother to look at.
Here is an example where I am adding extra visual effects. It is not too clear in this single screenshot and video because of the quality, but I have added a particle world to the jellyfish in after effects, which bursts with pink lights and glitters, adding to the 'glow'.
 I have also chosen to use this style title, as the words are shaped like fish and I think it's interesting to look at. I have added effects to make it ripple in and out of view with the water behind.
I have also been testing out different bubbles. On this test I have used the after effects bubbles preset, which is so useful as it works instantly, but I am not sure if these bubbles work with the style or not.
In this test I also added a rippling sun highlight which I have since taken out, as it didn't look the way I wanted.