April 05, 2018

Updated Pre-Vis #4

These are shots from Monday when I animated camera movements and other elements to make it flow better. I have still been working on the animation and need to make the jellyfish's tentacles move when it moves across the water, but thats a simple step as I already have a setting for the rig to do that. I also need to finish the crabs animation and focus on the emotion of the two characters more. I have figured a way to animate the lighting so that I can make it go from day to night in the same shot to keep it flowing, but to add in the mesh lights I will have to composite two shots together to get the same effect. In the last scene I still have a lot of camera work to do, and animation so I will focus on that next, as well as the first scene in which the camera pans down from the water, which I will be going into uni to get help with tomorrow.

April 01, 2018



 I have been trying to make my lighting and renders look more like the brightness and colour of my playblast, as when I have rendered before it looks dark and moody, which is not really what I wanted. These are just test renders so the samples are off and they look grainy, but that will change. Also need to turn down those bump maps on the rocks as they are a little too textured which adds to the grainy-ness.
Skydome Intensity 2
Skydome Intensity 1.5
Original Skydome 1 Intensity
Also I have figured for night time scenes that they look better and more readable when I turn the skydome light a dark blue, instead of turning all the lights down in intensity. I will add a blue/purple overlay in after effects on the daytime scenes so that I can make changes without committing to a certain hue.
Pale blue skydome/ intensity 2
Pale blue skydome/ intensity 1
Dark blue skydome- too dark and too blue

March 30, 2018


Here is an updated pre-vis/ animation in progress. I put this together in order to make more sense of timing so that I could progress in terms of music and narration, and it's not 100% in it's animation or camera movement, as I am still working on the jellyfish animation and need to add a lot more, as the movement isn't quite right and I need more exaggerated poses. I am also working on the crab scenes, especially the second one as I have just put leg movements and a basic camera in, which is also what is happening in that last scene. The most unfinished scenes are the intro and the last scene where they meet, as in the first scene I am not sure yet how I am incorporating the 'through the water' looking up shot in the beginning. For this I am trying different techniques such as ocean shaders, particles and after effects, but it's all still being tested. I am next going to animate the final shot.
To add still are bubbles throughout scenes, fish and seaweed, to give the animation more movement and interest. I will add these in after I have completed animating the other scenes, which shouldn't take me too much longer, as I am going to spend this week entirely animating and going through each scene thoroughly so that I can finish that by Friday and send it off to render the next week.


March 25, 2018


Here is a test render in arnold that I did to see if the lighting would work with other elements, and to see how rendering a sequence on my computer would go. This shot took over 24 hours to render at 720p so I'll have to rely on render farms which is what I was expecting anyway.
However I like how this lighting bounces off the moving elements, it still needs to be tweaked and I would like the caustics to vary a bit more, but overall I like the look. I also have to change the samples as everything is a bit grainy. Also I need to figure out the skydome lighting, as my matte painting is blocking out light and casting on my scene, however since my animation has elements that are transparent and reflect and refract the matte painting, it is not easy to add it in later as layering would only work so far when it comes to tentacles and the jellyfish body. This layering effect would work with my bubbles as I could 'screen' them over the top, but the whole jellyfish cannot have the same effect. At the moment I am trying to disconnect the matte painting from the main skydome, and give the matte painting its own separate light.

March 21, 2018


Here I have had a go at animating some fish and incorporating them into the scene to see how they would look. I used too many here and the animation and timings are off but I think they will work nicely when properly animated in the scene, as well as when the jellyfish is animated.


I created this lighting by applying a caustics sequence to a spotlight. This lighting will make my animation look more underwater and gives it the effect that I was looking for. In after effects I will apply rays of light and other effects to make these more convincing, but I like this effect as it is as well. I will change the pattern a bit and make it a little blurrier in some scenes as it can look quite strong, but I can easily turn it down and control where I want it.
Scene with only spotlight lighting.
Scene with spotlight and low skydome light.
Full skydome light and spotlight with high exposure.